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Back to the grind.

Killswitch was a short lived (but ferocious) "all-star" hardcore band that existed from 2000-2001. They played a handful of local shows and recorded/released a 5 song cdep before calling it a day.

Killswitch was:

Josh (Reason Of Insanity, Sex Bomb, Hell City Kings, Crime Wave, P.M.R.C., Bloody Hammer, No Talk, Secret Prostitutes, Fugitive Family, and a whole shitload more) - Vocals

Greg (Object At The End Of History, Lay To Waste, Air War, etc.) - Guitar

Nathan (ArmA, etc.) - Guitar

Howie (Reason Of Insanity, The Poots, The Pallbearers, Fugitive Family, etc.) - Bass

Daniel (Reason Of Insanity, Sex Bomb, U.D.I., The Rah Rahs, Chainsaw Sex Vikings, Ghidrah, Final Assault, One Common Voice, and a whole shitload more) - Drums

Front cover:


Tray art:

Rear cover:


Killswitch 'S/T' CDEP (2000)
1. What Remains?
2. Sad Case
3. Stand And Fight
4. Real Life
5. Bad Hand


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DoomsDayDevice 'End Of The Beginning Of The End...' (2005)


This next post is of the mad duo they call the DoomsDayDevice. Since 2003 brothers WZ3D and sputnik! have been spreading their own unique brand of post apocalyptic hip hop across the state.

The DDD was formed in Lafayette out of the ashes of their previous outing the Carpetbag Profiteers (which will make its way to U&P, eventually). As of a few years ago, DDD calls New Orleans home.

Heavily influenced by sci fi and horror movies/scores, and many different styles of music (underground hip hop, metal, punk rock), the group released its first record in 2005 (the one featured in this post, ya goon) which meshed underground hip hop with Tom Waits-esque jams you’d hear over the loudspeaker at your nearest looney bin. A schizophrenic’s dream. A scatterbrained offering. That may have something to do with why I dig this record so much.

Hit the fast forward button on your Betamax. Their second record ‘Mostly Harmless’ (which was released in 2008) lacked the B.C. Rich axe-isms that were on the previous effort…as they decided to focus strictly on the hip hop aspect of the group.

What are they doing these days? According to WZ3D, they are learning some new equipment and are currently writing some epic instrumental material.
To hear a rough version of a new track (‘NightmareDisco’), follow the link below:!/artist/artist_songs/462679

DoomsDayDevice is:

WZ3D (Chris Wyble) and sputnik! (Jeremy Frey)

Previous musical terrorism:

WZ3D – Crazy Fat Ethel, John Doe’s Disciples, (Mr.) Gravelhook, AdD, Moon Fly Syrup, Mystic Fix, The Butchers, Carpetbag Profiteers.

Sputnik! – Catch It On The Upstroke (FL), Carpetbag Profiteers.

Purchase ‘Mostly Harmless’ at:

Hear more DoomsDayDevice at:

To the Batpost…


DoomsDayDevice ‘End Of The Beginning Of The End…’ (2005)

1. It Has Begun
2. The DoomsDayDevice
3. Diablo
4. Piano (featuring Couzin Lyricz)
5. PunchDrunk
6. Big Box’s Big Score
7. Cats In A Barrel
8. Past Due
9. 2004 – Odyssey Zero
10. No Title Epic
11. Artifact
12. TeknoKriz 2000
13. Anomaly
14. Poxyclypse
15. Stop, Drop, & Roll
16. Piss Off

Download link:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Icepick Revival 'Love, Lies, And Backstabbing' (1997)


Icepick Revival was:

Ryan Pankratz - Bass/Vocals
Stephen Sheppert - Guitar
Brett Judice - Drums

I could sum up their sound in three words. Ugly. Heavy. Loud. Icepick Revival existed from 1995-2001 and were the loudest local band I've seen to this date. They had several releases (cassette and cd) and were on the 'South Of Hell' compilation. You can still purchase the 'Distress Signal' cdep at and iTunes as well. This post is of their first demo 'Love, Lies, And Backstabbing'.

After they disbanded members went on to play in...

Ryan - Moxie, ArmA (later Hooves), and the Devil and the Sea.
Stephen and Brett - Collapsar.


Icepick Revival 'Love, Lies, And Backstabbing' (1997)

1. Frigid Whore
2. Blackhole
3. Hick
4. Blood Of Shit
5. New Sun

Download link:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HEK-Atomic Cherries 'Clamato Block Party...A Tribute To Cap'n Lou' (1995)

Group photo borrowed from their website.

The HEK-Atomic Cherries formed in 1992 and by later that year they released their first cassette ('Hey You Wild Animals...Put Down That Meat'). In 1994 the band slimmed back down to a trio (and stayed that way until they disbanded). They were one of the few bands that had a drummer that also handled vocal duties.

This post is of the bands second self-released cassette ('Clamato Bloc Party...A Tribute To Cap'n Lou'). It was recorded on a 4-track recorder (in drummer Steve's room) and released in 1995.

Charles Barousse - Bass/Vocals
Wes Raine - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Miller - Drums/Vocals

This tape is a combination of snotty punk rock, pop punk, a little 'weirdness', silly subject matter, and a few 'caffeinated surf beats' (possibly a nod to Bill Stevenson of the Descendents/All).

The band released several cassettes after 'Clamato' and fizzed out by the late 90's. They have played a handful of reunion shows since. I didn't see them while they were an active I hope there will be another 'reunion' so I can rectify that.

Post HEK-Atomic Cherries:

Charles played in Thunderpants

Steve played in the Smites and Urbosleeks (and is currently in Ceramic Duck, The Ginger Envelope, and Venice Is Sinking)

If anyone has any of their other material and/or video, please get in touch!

Thanks to Dave H.!




HEK-Atomic Cherries 'Clamato Block Party...A Tribute To Cap'n Lou'

1. Bunkie Lip
2. Crazy Bus
3. Different Beans
4. Growth Spurt
5. Kwickee Mart
6. Pillow
7. Plain Brown Wrapper
8. Song About A Girl
9. Stationary
10. Shut Up
11. Trains
12. Dragon Wagon
13. Wicker Frisbee

Download link:

Their webpage is still up at:

You can check out more info, lyrics, pictures there.

They also have Facebook and Myspace pages:!/pages/Hek-Atomic-Cherries/83922239287

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chronicles Of Hate (1990-1992)


Chronicles Of Hate was a self-described Hardcore/Alternative/Death Jam band (Note : I’d just call it punk, but that’s me) that existed from 1990-1992.

Members were:

Brady Broussard – Bass/Vocals
Kenny Vallot (formerly of the Zen Bastards)– Guitar
Artie Quispe – Guitar
Ike Jima Kazu Hito – Drums

In addition to playing shows around Lafayette, many shows were held at the band’s ‘homebase’ the Arm Pit (owned by Brady of COH) and down the road at the Milton Civic Center. The band also played at the Pit in Baton Rouge (once opening for TX thrash masters dead horse). The band dissolved when drummer Kazu moved back to his native Japan. They played their last show sporting dresses. The show was videotaped, but no one in the band has a copy. If you or someone you know has it, please get in touch.

During their time as a band they recorded nearly all of their material at the (famous?/infamous?) Arm Pit. The recordings were made on a 4 track recorder. Kenny from COH recently bought a used 4 track and converted the old recordings himself (and sent a few old photos). In addition to that, Brady from COH sent a bunch of COH art, flyers, and photos as well. That pretty much makes up the entire post. All credit goes to those guys!

Post-COH they went on to play in the following bands:

Brady – Uranus, BBB, and Piece Core

Kenny – Chemical Religion, Uranus, Little Criminals, Wormhole, Great American Zeros, and Resent

Artie – Chemical Religion, Little Criminals, One Common Voice, and (currently) Hero’s Conquest

The band practicing at the Arm Pit
L-R : Artie, Kazu, Brady, Kenny (sitting)

L-R : Kenny, Brady, Artie



Kenny - COH show at the Milton Civic Center (1992)


Various COH art:









Interview in Xrong newsletter/'zine:

Chronicles Of Hate 'Collection'

Download link:

1. Blind
2. Too Dead To Cope
3. Body Of Christ/The Priest Inside
4. Lifeless Bride
5. Sadness
6. White Doves Die
7. Evil Cracks A Smile
8. Couldn't Give
9. Something Peaceful
10. Slow Death
11. Fuck You
12. Y.D.K.M.
13. Ode To Blaine
14. Chronicles Of Hate
15. Sweet Thing
16. Lifeless Bride
17. The Priest Inside
18. Blind
19. Sweet Thing
20. The Priest Inside
21. The Priest Inside



Tray art:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Frigg A-Go-Go 'My Girl's Alright' Demo (1995) and Live set at the Metropolis!

Frigg A-Go-Go formed in 1994 in Lafayette, LA. They released 3 7” eps (two on 360 Twist! Records & one a one sided Christmas single on Scooch Pooch Records), 2 cassette demos (self-released), 3 full length albums (one on 360 Twist! Records, one on Scooch Pooch Records (with production from Tim Kerr), one self-released/posthumous), and were on a handful of compilations. They went from playing bars in Lafayette to playing CBGB’s and the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. I had the pleasure of seeing them live several times (even sharing a bill with them once) and they killed it every time.

This post is of their second cassette demo ‘My Girl’s Alright’. It was released in 1995.

Also below is a set recorded at the old Metropolis (later Renaissance, then Sadie’s) around the same time.

Youtube was giving me problems, so the video is hosted at vimeo. Enjoy…and happy holidays!




Frigg A-Go-Go - Live At The Metropolis (Lafayette, LA) 1995 from Mark Medlin on Vimeo.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Resent : Collection 1997-1999


Resent was formed in 1997 by Kenny on vocals/guitar (formerly of Zen Bastards & Chronicles Of Hate), Danny on bass, and Kyle on drums (formerly of Nobody).

They recorded their self titled 7"/CDEP that October. It was released in early 1998. They recorded a few tracks later that year (one of which was released on the 'Aftermath' compilation on Profane Existence Records in 1999). A couple of the others were supposed to be on a local comp. that never came together.

Drummer Kyle left the band in early 1999 and was replaced with John (formerly of Insurrection & Clown Nation, among others) and added Howie (formerly of PA hardcore/punk band Half Life and the local One Common Voice) on second guitar. The only thing this lineup recorded was a practice tape (songs 11-15), easily their best material.

After a couple well-attended benefit shows for the Coalition to End Primate Experimentation, the band split after Kenny left. The 3 remaining members went on to play together in the short lived To What End? Danny was later in Demonfilth, Faction Paradox, and Ghidrah. John was later in Chainsaw Sex Vikings, Demonfilth, Faction Paradox, and is currently playing with Orchard Of The Living.

I saw Resent a few times during their short run, and they got better each time. They are still one of my favorite local bands. It was neat to see a band that walked the walk...bringing their subject matter to the table, literally.

They were the only local band I saw with political pamphlets/info and a distro (and one of the few/first to release an actual record). Thanks to Danny for a good chunk of the info/media!





Photos taken at show on 7/7/99:


John and Howie

Interview from Youth In Movement 'zine (late 1998):

Interview from Drop Dead 'zine (late 1998):

Logo sticker:




Lyrics from CDEP:

And now...

Resent 'Collection 1997-1999'

1. It's Not Too Late
2. Plague/Freedom Is A Lie
3. Bloody Progress
4. Does That Make You A Man?
5. So-Called Democracy
6. Unknown Citizen
7. Bottle Of Oblivion
8. Proud Display Of Ignorance
9. Contaminated System
10. Nothing But A Nightmare
11. Wasteland Of Opportunity
12. A Moment
13. Common Enemy
14. Killing Is Easy (When You Can't See A Face)
15. Over & Over
16. Haven't We Learned?
17. Family Values
18. Left Me For Dead
19. (Unknown)

Download link (audio bitrate=320/art below in file):

Tracks 1-6 from self titled 7"/CDEP - 1998.
Tracks 7-10 4 track demos recorded late 1998.
Track 7 was released on the 'Aftermath' comp. - Profane Existence Records - 1999, 8-10 were unreleased.
Tracks 11-15 from a rehearsal tape recorded 1999.
Track 16 live at Buck Nutty's Skate Ranch - November 1998.
Tracks 17-19 unreleased 4 track demos recorded in 1997.

Front cover:




Rear tray card:


Live at Buck Nutty's Skate Ranch - November 1998